It is not appropriate to sleep with another person and develop an emotional attachment while in a committed relationship

I am not a professional in any way nor can I offer any type of advice. These things we come to in life are things that are ultimately ours to understand. Only the one living the life holds all of the data of the experience. They may not see and they may not choose to see all of the data presented before them, but all of it is there in real time and past biased fragments are available in memories.

The pandemic has brought about many changes. Life has changed for us all but it does not have to be fully negative. Though I don’t agree with my states approach and restrictions the future exists and I don’t have to stay. There have been many positive elements that have come from SIP. We are connecting more with those around us and the numbers of contacts shrink ten fold. Truths surface. Hearts break. Such is the human process and it sure as shit doesn’t feel great.

Unhealthy and underweight is not very attractive, what is sexy is someone that is healthy and working on becoming super human with realistic expectations

Please stop being concerned about your weight for your husband. Is this something that he enforces as a need or an expectation you are placing on yourself?

Eat healthier foods, look deep within you mind and spirit, do things you love that work within your states restrictions, and just enjoy life to whatever degree you can right now for what amazing things it can still and will offer

Hair? Your hair is a minimum element of who you are. 30 years had nothing to do with hair. This sounds like some nice gesture or some victimization extra. Really quite uncool.

Please fucus on yourself in a healthy way. One not attached to superficial relics. One that is independent in a healthy, realistic, and comforting way.

I have been cheated on and I have been called a cheater. I have an abnormal perspective on this topic from most. This article based in monogamy has been insightful. Thank you to the author/s

My husband told me he didn’t really like sex and was t interested in me or anyone else. I was devastated but accepted it because i love him. I always told him, I told him how sexy he was. Cooked his fave meals. Did everything I could to look after it. And then I find out during lockdown he’s been cheating for around a year with a much younger woman. I’ve lost at weight but she’s as big as I was. She went through a marriage whilst bedding my husband. He’s devastated but won’t discuss it. Says he’s no idea why he did it. He was lost. He was sad. He was lonely. I begged him for years to see the dr and get counselling. I even asked about sex but he said he didn’t think about it. He wants to stay with me. He’s remorseful but only so when I am trying to see from his point of view. Unless I’m recognising and supporting his distress, he says I’m a vile abuser who has made his life misery (which is a lie. I had a psychotic illness which was treated.) I just want to know why. I did everything. Lost weight. Wore make up and nice examinar a ligação clothes. Made sure his very need was met. Now four months on I can’t sleep. I cry all the time. It richocets between agony and rage. I attempted suicide afterwards and he was and still is remorseful. He cries a lot basically he feels super sorry for his self. If we had t been on lockdown I wouldn’t have know. But I waked into his office and he threw down and I knew. What did I do wrong. I even am growing my hair for him. I colour it for him. I’m bending over backwards for him. We’ve been married 30 years and my life is over. I have nothing. To look forward to but death. I can’t take the constant agony. Drs havent been able to help and mental health services won’t touch me as it’s not a mental health issue. Please. Help me. I can’t cope

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